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This is on My Lips AND My Monthly Amazon Subscribe & Save!

alba botanica un-petroleum lip balm – Closeup of the vanilla tube

Hey All! It’s Angie – one of the Hip sidekicks!

Ever have chapped lips? Whether from the sun, being a little dehydrated, or maybe just licking them too much, most of us suffer from chapped, dry lips at least once in a while.

If you’re looking to try something new, I HIGHLY suggest this Alba Botanica Un-Petroleum Lip Balm (vanilla is my go-to). I AM HOOKED. This lip balm is so amazing that I have it as part of my Amazon Subscribe & Save and get it shipped to me every single month. Not because I go through a tube that quickly, but I never want to run out. AND I love to share it with anyone I can.

What makes this lip balm so wonderful?

First off, I ❤ the fact that it doesn’t contain petroleum. You can do a quick Google search and find a million reasons why petroleum isn’t the best thing to be putting on your body – and whether you believe it all or not, I still find it comforting knowing that it’s not in my fave lip balm.

It also contains sunscreen (SPF 18) and is made with 100% vegetarian ingredients. Plus, it contains no parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances – so if you’re concerned with those factors, you’re in luck.

alba botanica un-petroleum lip balm – Vanilla tubes of the lip balm

In addition, this lip balm goes on SO smooth, is not in the slightest bit waxy, and there isn’t any icky taste. Anyone ever licked your lips after applying ChapStick brand lip balm? 🤢 The taste is so nasty and it has a definite greasy feel.

AND, when I say that this balm goes on smooth, I mean it… you don’t get any big chunks of lip balm breaking off on your lips as you’re applying.

It does tend to go on thicker than most other brands – but it’s not a hard consistency like Burt’s Bees. Rather, it applies in a fully coated, my lips are going to be well protected and healing underneath this layer kind of way.

I often apply this before bedtime and if I have dry, chapped lips from whatever the day had brought, they are significantly better when I wake up in the morning.

alba botanica un-petroleum lip balm – The tubes, spread out

Want to try a tube? This lip balm is available in vanilla, tangerine, and cherry and is priced around $1.50-$3 at many retailers, including,, and Amazon.

What’s your favorite lip balm?
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Amazon: 2 Pack ECOS Dishmate Dish Liquid Just $4.52 Shipped (Only $2.26 Per Large Bottle)

Hurry over to Amazon and score this 2 Pack of ECOS Dishmate Dish Liquid Free & Clear 25 oz Bottles for just $4.52 shipped when you to Subscribe & Save – that makes each bottle just $2.26 delivered!

Made in the USA, this ultra concentrated hand dishwashing liquid cleans without dyes, phosphates or other harmful ingredients and cleans up to 1,900 dishes per bottle.

(Thanks, Ashley!)

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