I Made a Magnolia Wreath Just Like Joanna’s for Less Than $28!

By Lina D

I made this DIY Magnolia wreath for less than $30.

Love greenery style wreaths?

I’m such a big fan of the classic looking, simply styled greenery wreaths that are popular in home decor right now. They’re a pretty way to add style and interest to your space and can be enjoyed year-round. One of my absolute favorites is this Signature Magnolia Wreath via Magnolia.com. It’s such a gorgeous statement piece for the front door or anywhere in the home.

Save money when you make a DIY Magnolia Wreath like this Gaines original.

But yikes, that’s a beautiful, but pricey splurge!

With a $108 price tag, it’s a little out of my budget. A friend and co-worker of mine (who may be Collin’s sister, Bryn 😉) owns the actual Signature Magnolia wreath, pictured above on her front door, and my goal was to get a similar look, but for under $30.

This wreath looks like the original, but for 75% less.

I made my own DIY magnolia wreath!

After a trip to Michaels, and a couple hours of my time, I came away with a Fixer Upper inspired faux Magnolia wreath that I’m proud to display in my home! It was pretty straightforward to do and basically consisted of placing each leaf inside a foam wreath form (which was a tad time consuming, I admit). Here’s the method I used…

Note: Because the faux magnolias I found were on sale for $4.95 per bundle, I bought those, the wreath form, and floral tape for less than $28 including tax. Plus, you can use a Michaels coupon to save even more!

Items to make my DIY magnolia wreath: leaves, foam form, hot glue, floral tape.

DIY Magnolia Wreath

Supplies Needed:

Wrap the styrofoam form with florist's tape.

1.) Wrap wreath form using floral tape. This is actually an optional step, but it looks more professional since it’s the same color as leaves.

Prepare the magnolia leaf stems.

2.) Separate and cut individual leaves using wire cutters. Leave a little stem so you can poke it into the foam wreath form.

Poke a hole where leaves will go for better adhesion.

3.) I arranged this wreath by making rows of 3 leaves about every two inches or so, then gluing and sticking the stems inside the wreath. It helps to use a wood skewer or something sharp to first make a hole for the stem.

Hot glue magnolia stems into the holes.

4.) Use hot glue, and insert stem into wreath.

Wrap magnolia stems with tape to secure the ends.

5.) Place 3 leaves in a row, so it covers the wreath form, and then go around the bottom of stems a couple times using floral tape. This will help further secure leaves and will help the leaves lay flat.
Note: I secured the tape using a dot of hot glue at each end.

Continue adding leaves around the edge of the form.

6.) Continue with the same process, overlapping about every 1.5-2 inches depending on how long your leaves are. I decided to have all the darker leaves face up, but create your own look and pattern.

The wreath is almost done.

7.) Keep going! See – here I’m almost done! Whoop!

The finished magnolia wreath looks beautiful both inside and on your front door.

All finished, what do you think?!

Right now, I’m enjoying the wreath in my entryway and love it. Because I took the time to tape down each row of leaves, my wreath feels sturdy, and I’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come! It was a fun and satisfying project and worth the effort!

Magnolia wreath hanging in my entry.

Prefer to not DIY a magnolia wreath?

Ready-made magnolia wreath from Kirkland's.Check out this magnolia wreath I found at Kirkland’s! At just $29.99, it’s a little more affordable compared to the magnolia.com version, and it has great reviews, too!

Written by Lina for Hip2Save. Lina is a proud mom of 2 small kids who loves photography, all holidays, cooking, thrift store makeovers, bargain shopping, and DIY makeovers. Her goal is to create a beautiful life and stylish home on a dime! Check out all of Lina’s DIY/CRAFTS and RECIPES created just for Hip2Save.

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