Rebate Apps

iBotta Lifetime Earnings: $572.21
Without a doubt, iBotta is the leader in rebate apps. If you can’t find a rebate for something you buy all the time in iBotta, I would be at a complete loss for words. The sheer volume of offers is staggering. Wal-Mart alone has 359 offers right now, with Target as it’s closest competitor at 278. Wal-Mart’s low prices combined with this app is an instant win.

They also have a feature called Teammates. If you connect the app to your Facebook account, you and your connected friends form a Team and you get bonus dollars based on team performance. You’re already getting free money, why not get more?

Also, iBotta has the best referral bonus. If you join by clicking on the iBotta image at the top, you’ll get a $10 bonus on your first rebate submission. Then, as you add friends and refer them, they’ll also get the $10 bonus while you get a $5 bonus.

Full Disclosure: I get the majority of my rebates in the liquor section and from bonuses, so your mileage may vary. Also, pay close attention to your credits. The automated system isn’t 100%. I’ve had to contact support many times to get the proper rebates applied. As long as you submit the receipt and explain the issue, customer support has always come through and fixed the issue.

SavingStar Lifetime Earnings: $105.56
Saving Star, for me, is more of a companion app. As you see by the overall earnings, I really haven’t been using it as much.

They typically have good offers on Unilever products and some one-offs here and there. What I really like are their grouped offerings. You’ll see offers stating that if you buy X dollars of a certain amount of products, you’ll get a certain amount back. These are really nice because a lot of these brands have offers in the other rebate apps. Frito-Lay just ended a promotion where you buy $25 in their products and you’ll get $5 back. Since I’m already buying those products to fulfill rebates in iBotta and Checkout51, they just keep adding up.

The additional reason why I’m using Saving Star a bit more now is because they’ve expanded the number of stores you can link your store savings card to. Since those get $5 when you spend $25 offers can be redeemed on multiple trips, not having to scan and upload each time is extremely convenient.

Checkout51 Lifetime Earnings: $41.15
Checkout51 is another companion app, and while you think it’s getting pretty hard to keep all these apps organized, it’s easier than you think. Checkout51 has relatively few offers, much like SavingStar, so it’s simple to manage.

Initially, I didn’t find their offers really applied to my purchasing habits, but lately, they’ve gotten a little better. If you’re a Coors, Blue Moon, or Miller Lite fan, this app is truly for you. There are a few brands thrown in the mix that I’ve never heard of, or offers for specific stores that aren’t in my area, but by and large, you should be able to find a few things that apply to your household.

The nice thing about Checkout51 is that you don’t have to activate any of the rebates AND, some of the offers can be submitted multiple times per week. The offers update weekly, and are limited in quantity. Many of the offers stay the same week to week, and can be submitted over and over again each week. Offers refresh each Thursday, so if you submit an offer on Wednesday and it’s still in the app on Thursday, you can submit it again if you purchase that product again. You CAN NOT submit the receipt from Wednesday again. The date on your receipt needs to be within the Thursday – Wednesday offer period.

Again, not a heavily used app, but if you allow the balance to accumulate, you can cash out at year’s end and take the burden off your holiday shopping!

BevRAGE Lifetime Earnings: $24.50
BevRAGE is a recent addition to my rebate app stable. It’s offerings and local availability is still growing, but I think it’s going to fill the gaps in my alcohol purchasing strategy.

During certain times of the year, typically around holidays, liquor distributors offer mail in rebates that can reach up to $60. Matching up those offers with BevRAGE and the other rebate apps can really add to those savings and drop the final price of some spirits to only a few bucks per bottle.

The makers of Smirnoff were offering a $60 rebate recently that included all of their other brands, like Captain Morgan, Bailey’s, Crown Royal. Plus, most grocery chains offer a 10%-15% discount when you buy 6 or more bottles at the same time. So, you can take advantage of a store sale, the percent off bonus, the mail-in rebate and all rebate app offers all at the same time.

Again, with this being a smaller app, save that balance and take care of your holiday shopping with rebates on products you’re buying anyway!

eBates lifetime earnings: $95.44
Wow, I almost forgot to mention another helpful rebate app that gives you money back for online shopping. You’ve probably seen the commercials on TV, much like I had, except I really never did anything until before this year’s holiday shopping season.

Well, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Now that most online retailers are going to charge you tax, you might as well get some or all of that money back via the eBates browser extension. Install their extension, I’ve added mine to Chrome, and just shop like you normally do. When you’re on a participating website, you’ll get notified to activate their cash back offer.

Shop, checkout, then just wait for the eBates confirmation. It’s really that simple. Ebates will mail you a check every 3 months. Drop that check into your holidays savings account and you’ll be ready to shop after you’ve cashed in all of your other rebate apps.

Bonus!!! Get a $10 bonus on top of your first rebate when you sign up by clicking the Ebates logo on this page.

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