Save Money with These End of Summer Clearance Steals

By Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

save money with these summer clearance sales – air conditioner unit in window

Summer may be cooling, but the clearance is HOT.

The end of summer means back to school, shorter days, and ways to save money on summer clearance sales! πŸ”₯ Labor Day is just around the corner, so you’ll find savings as retailers take advantage of the holiday weekend to clear out the sales floor for fall and winter inventory.

Here are some of the deeply discounted items you can expect to see. πŸ‚

1. Patio furniture

save money with these summer clearance sales – patio furniture marked at 50% off

If your patio set barely endured this season or you’re looking for new furniture for next year, the end of summer is when you’ll find the best deals on outdoor dining, seating, and entertaining sets. You can even keep it stored in the packaging so it’s brand-spankin’ new at the start of next summer!

In addition to furniture, check out the outdoor decor like pillows, string lights, and planters, along with the outdoor rug selection. Many of these items can be used indoors, too!

2. Bathing suits and beach accessories

save money with these summer clearance sales – swimsuits marked at 50% off

Swimwear is on its way out as retailers rush to make way for all the new fall merchandise coming in. Pick up a new suit now to avoid shelling out for full-priced ones at the beginning of next swim season.

You’ll also find other beach necessities like toys, towels, and more – all with significant discounts. If you’ve got a tropical vacation planned for mid-winter, these finds make great gifts during the holidays to build excitement for your trip!

3. Grills

save money with these summer clearance sales – assembled grill with sale tags

End of summer grill sales help you evaluate how much you use your current one and whether or not it needs to be replaced. A grill can be a big investment, so consider purchasing one as a gift to give around the holidays for the grillmaster in your life. You’ll need space to store it (and a clever way to hide it for several months), but it can make for a great surprise outside of typical, cold-weather presents.

4. Warm weather apparel

save money with these summer clearance sales – summer clothes clearance racks at target

As with swimwear, all of the bright summer apparel you’ve been seeing for the past couple months will soon be replaced with fall neutrals. Get ready for significant markdowns on summer dresses, tops, and shorts. Most pieces can easily be layered with cardigans and outerwear as the weather cools down.

Hip Tip: Search for any neutrals you can find on clearance and incorporate them into a capsule wardrobe. Better yet, scour all upcoming end of season sales to curate your collection for cheap!

5. Laptops

save money with these summer clearance sales – laptop on sale at walmart

You can thank back-to-school shopping for this one! The remaining laptop and computer inventory that didn’t get picked up by college-bound students will likely be put on sale or even clearance, making it the perfect time to upgrade the tech in your home.

Keep an eye out for other electronics sales in the next month or two β€” iPhones will go on sale in late September/October when Apple releases the new iPhone models.

6. Air conditioners

Make way for the space heaters! With colder weather on its way, cooling units have got to go. If you’ve vowed that this summer was the last season you’d endure the heat, purchase an AC unit now for the biggest savings.

Hip Tip: Too many window AC units to choose from? Check out the Consumer Reports buying guide or this list of the top performing units to help with your search!

7. Seasonal produce

save money with these summer clearance sales – peppers and other produce in refrigerated bins

Unlike everything else on this list, here you’ll actually get the best price on what’s in season. Be on the lookout for the freshest stock of the following fruits and veggies:

August: Avocados, beans, berries, cherries, corn on the cob, cucumbers, eggplants, figs, seedless grapes, melons, onions, peaches, pears, peppers, plums, summer squash, tomatillos, and tomatoes.

September: Apples, artichokes, beans, cucumbers, eggplant, grapes, onions, pears (Asian and Bartlett), peppers (bell and chili), squash, tomatillo, and tomatoes.

Don’t need to buy new?

money saving moving tips β€” yard sale with tables of clothes

Hit up home sales for National Garage Sale Day on August 11th to score a bargain on someone else’s gently used stuff!

Written by Emily for Hip2Save. Emily lives in Buffalo, NY where she spends her time drinking lots of coffee, scouring the internet for deals, and tackling DIY projects. She’s a big believer in self-care and living the fullest life possible, all while saving money of course.


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