Turn an Ordinary Walmart Bike Into an Extraordinary Ride Using Dollar Tree Items

Clearance woman's and kids bikes at Walmart

Check out how Hip2Save reader Jen transformed an ordinary kids bike from Walmart into a fun ride for her daughter using $1 items from Dollar Tree!

“We are gearing up for spring – ready to get our wheels rolling! 🚲 If you’re in the market for a new bike, we found these bikes at Walmart on clearance.

Mom daughter with Walmart bikes

The women’s Schwinn bike was $59 (originally $159) and the girls BCA 20″ bike was on clearance for $40 (originally $88). We needed one with gears for my daughter to make it easier for when we go on longer bike rides with hills. They had some without gears and a few different brands.

mesh tubing from Dollar Tree

We wanted to make it a little more girly, so I made handlebar tassel/streamers. I bought the mesh tube used for making wreaths at Dollar Tree, and the ribbon was also from Dollar Tree.

bling on bike handles

I tied them to a large safety pin and then fit in the holes of the bike handles. I’m hoping they will hold up better since we used the mesh tubing! I was able to make two sets of them with ribbon and mesh left over.

Cruzinbrightz lights at Walmart

Another fun find (and on clearance for $5) were the cruzinbrightz lights that you attach to your bike and looks like a disco party! They also can detach from the holder and be used anywhere. We camp a lot, so these will be fun for the bikes and for around the campfire. They also had lots of other bike accessories on clearance, and, if you’re looking for a helmet, they had these, too!”

I wheelie love this!


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